Do you like to shop? Well do it all day at you favorite local stores
and get paid!

Avg. pay $14 per Hour
How it works:
  • We give you a tablet
  • Orders appear on the tablet
  • You shop for the products
  • You check out with a debit card provided to you
  • You meet the driver or customer outside
  • You get paid!
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Make some people around the area happy when you deliver their favorite groceries right to their door.

Avg. pay $12 per delivery
How it works:
  • We shop the groceries and wait outside
  • You swing by and pick up the groceries
  • You head to the customers residence and drop off
  • You get paid!
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10% Fee: Why?
  • Cover CC FEES / price changes and so we can make a little bit.
  • Water $1 extra